Tim’s Fences Testimonial

May 09, 2024

Tim’s Fences Testimonial

TruClose MultiAdjust Heavy Duty Series 3

For two decades Tim’s Fences has installed D&D gate hardware and he declares...

"D&D’s innovative products, thoughtful engineering and durable products have consistently impressed me, and the new TruClose MultiAdjust Heavy Duty gate hinge is no exception”.

Tim recently installed the hinge on a large horizontal gate that involved a swimming pool. He admired many of the hinges innovative features.
• The self-closing tension adjustment that was critical in making sure the hinge would properly self-close for safety.
• The hinge’s generous horizontal and vertical adjustability was a game-changer, allowing for precise alignment.
• The quick-release dials used to unlock, adjust and lock the hinge in place are straightforward, resulting in faster adjustments and reduced installation time.

The TruClose MultiAdjust Heavy Duty hinge is beefer and stronger, instilling confidence in my customers that it can hold and self-close the weight of 6, 7 or 8-foot gate. One of the most beneficial features of this hinge is its 3-in-1 adjustability. In our region, ground movement is a frequent concern, and choosing the right hinge is crucial for maintaining gate alignment over time. The TruClose MultiAdjust Heavy Duty hinge easily adjusts horizontally and vertically to ensure the gate remains aligned and shuts properly.

The TruClose MultiAdjust Heavy Duty hinge is a prime example of D&D’s dedication to continuous improvement and providing innovative solutions.  I have several applications that the new hinge will work perfectly.

Tim Weyand
Owner – Tim’s Fences