The Gate Solutions product line provides coded and electronic locking access control solutions designed specifically for swing gates.
The Gate Box Kit, an industry exclusive, provides all the components needed for gate and fence installations – no need to source the lock, gate box, latch bracket and mounting hardware separately. Gate Panic Bar Hardware Kits are also available with all the required components, including the Codelocks Panic Bar, Panic Trim and accompanying panic hardware components.

Mechanical Codelocks
An ideal access control solution that are easy to install. Suitable for a variety of applications where a single, easily changed code is required.

Codelocks Mechanical Gate Kits
Gate Box Kits include a Codelock,
gate box and latch bracket.
Light, medium and heavy-duty code locks available.

Electronic Codelocks
Fully programmable keypad offers a multiple range of functions making them ideal for use for commercial and residential applications. 

Codelocks Electronic Gate Kits
Gate Box Kits include an electronic Codelock latch, accompanying lock box and hardware. Medium and heavy-duty electronic locks available.

Smart Codelocks
Provide flexibility and convenience by offering advanced programming and access methods. Operation via keypad or Bluetooth compatible smartphone.

Codelocks Smart Gate Kits
Gate Box Kits include a Smart Codelock, gate box and latch bracket.  Heavy duty lock provides advanced programming and access methods.

Codelocks Panic Hardware Kits
Gate Panic Hardware Kits contain all components required for a straightforward installation.
Suitable for outdoor applications. 

Panic Hardware Accessories
A range of high-quality accessories and spares for the Codelocks range. Designed to complement and enhance product functionality.