Our Brands

Gate Hinges

TruClose® Heavy Duty

Adjustable, self-closing
heavy duty gate hinges

The TruClose® HEAVY DUTY hinge range is suitable for larger or high-traffic gates weighing up to 70kg. There are models to fit different gate materials – metal (steel, aluminium) or wood.

TruClose® Regular

Adjustable, self-closing gate hinges

The TruClose® REGULAR hinge range is offers different models to suit child safety gates and general-purpose gates weighing up to 30kg. There are models to fit different gate materials – metal (steel, aluminium) or wood.


Economical, General-Purpose Hinges

Whether you need a reliable, standard pivoting hinge or the convenience of a spring-loaded self-closing model, KwikFit has you covered. KwikFit gate hinges are an ideal choice for light to medium-weight gates around homes and gardens.

Shut It™ BadAss

Brilliant Designs. BadAss Products. Epic Results.

The Shut It™ range of industrial, metal gate hinges uses the highest grades of steel for optimal welding, strength and performance making them literally tough and durable. Models available in steel, stainless steel and aluminium.


Gate Latches & Locks


The World's #1 Child Safety Gate Latch

The safety standard in gate hinges! MagnaLatch® Safety Gate Latches are designed specifically for securing gates around swimming pools, yards and childcare centres. They are "the original", and still the world's best-selling magnetic gate latches.


A Range of Latches for Every Situation

The LokkLatch® range offers a model for every gate material and most applications. The smaller LokkLatch® REGULAR is ideal for general-purpose gates around homes and gardens, the LokkLatch® DELUXE is an innovative privacy and security gate latch, and the LokkLatch®  MAGNETIC is a handle-style gate lock for a variety of applications, including driveway gates. All latches are key lockable and guaranteed against rust, binding and staining.


Toggle-style, general-purpose gate latch.

The T-Latch is a general-purpose gate latch designed to replace conventional metal gravity latches. This toggle-action gate latch is both simple and effective, with a pivot-style latch bolt that toggles vertically to accommodate gate sag and ground movement.


Stylish, Stainless Steel Security

The stylish stainless steel D&D PullBolt™ is designed to provide powerful locking security for storefronts, doors, frames and gates. It can be used as a primary lock or it can also act as add-on security to existing lock systems.

Gate Wheels

Shut It™ HardCore

Solutions for sliding gates!

We use the hardest steel in the industry. Our quality and hard-wearing gate wheels make them literally Hard to the Core.

Gate Accessories


A Simple and Stylish Gate Handle

The simple and stylish GateHandle is a convenient, general-purpose gate opening and closing device. It will fit to any type of gate or gate material.


Gate Protection Device

GateStop is the ideal gate-alignment device for preventing gate slam and the damage it can cause to hinges, latches and gates. It prolongs the life of your gate and, via a rubber buffer insert, also significantly reduces gate-slam noise.


Drop Bolts - Reliable, Stylish and Ergonomic

D&D Technologies’ DropBolt is designed for securing and retaining gates (in open or closed position). Made from hi-tech engineering polymers and stainless steel components, D&D Technologies’ DropBolt offers a stylish, heavy duty alternative to cheap, conventional gate drop-bolts.


Economical, Padlockable Drop Bolt

Electro-polished stainless steel drop-bolt that is powder coated and corrosion resistant. Tough, polymer mounting systems for metal, wood or vinyl gates.


Gate Hinge-Closers


Precision Engineered & Superbly Finished

The SureClose® range of hydraulic gate hinges and closers are made from high-strength aluminium bodies and with stainless steel components. They're made for heavy or industrial-style steel gates weighing up to 120kg (260lbs).




The California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, also known as “Proposition 65” (“Prop 65”), requires businesses to warn individuals in California regarding the potential exposure to certain substances in products they purchase. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. The State of California has published a list of more than 900 substances that are subject to Prop 65, which it considers to present a risk of cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Substances listed under Prop 65 have been found in a wide-variety of products, such as foods, vitamins and supplements, printer toners, jewelry, lamps, ceramic tableware, lead-crystal glasses, electric cords, automobile components, building hardware, beauty products and furniture. 

D&D Technologies’ MagnaLatch®, LokkLatch®, LokkBolt® and SureClose® contain substances listed under Prop 65, including chromium (hexavalent compounds) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. Hexavalent chromium is contained in a rust-resistant coating and lead is in brass alloys. (D&D Technologies does not guarantee or warrant that other Proposition-65-listed substances are not present.) To comply with Prop 65, these products carry the following or a similar warning: 

WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

D&D wants you to be able to make an informed purchase decision and to be aware of our commitment to making products that are safe and of high quality – the world’s most trusted gate hardware. When possible, D&D Technologies will strive to reduce the presence of Prop 65 listed substances. 

All of D&D Technologies’ proprietary products carry a limited Lifetime Warranty, where returned products are responsibly recycled to minimize impact on the environment.