A few minutes is all it takes for pool owners to check that their pool fences and gates, including latches and hinges, are in good working order. 
Adjust latches, hinges & pool gates to ensure consistent self-closing and self-latching at all times.
This simple routine done regularly could help save the life of a child.  


How To Check

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Need New Gate Hardware? Here Is The Solution

Install products proven over 35 years, the MagnaLatch® magnetic pool safety gate latch and the TruClose® adjustable, self-closing gate hinge. The world’s #1 and most trusted pool safety gate hardware. D&D invented the MagnaLatch® magnetically triggered adjustable gate latch and TruClose® self-closing, adjustable, polymer safety gate hinges. 
The MagnaLatch® ALERT is D&D’s latest pool safety innovation, providing both audible and visual alarms if the gate is not physically latched.  Pool owners can see at a glance and hear from a distance if their pool gate is not closed or latched. 

Adjustment & Installation Help Is Here

How to adjust and install a MagnaLatch latch and TruClose hinge:

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• View MagnaLatch Installation Video
• View MagnaLatch Installation Instruction Sheet
• View TruClose Hinge Installation Video
• View TruClose Hinge Installation Instruction Sheet

If you can’t fix it call your local contractor to service your gate and ensure the gate is secured while waiting.

More Information

A gate that doesn’t close or latch properly, because it has moved out of alignment, sags or drags along the ground, is not only frustrating, but unsafe.
Gates must be regularly inspected, physically tested and maintained by the homeowner to ensure safety.
A fence is only effective if the gate and gate hardware are functioning properly. Gate latches and hinges must be manually adjustable to accommodate gate movement and gate closing speed. Do not prop your pool gate open.

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To learn more about drowning prevention, visit the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA) – Click Here

For More Information Call: (800) 716-0888

Combined with constant child supervision and other layers of protection, a possible solution to toddler drownings is physically checking your pool gate and maintaining your pool gate regularly to ensure it self-closes and self-latches at all times.