Gate Safety in Spring - A checklist

March 11, 2024

Gate Safety in Spring - A checklist

With the arrival of spring, a time of rejuvenation and longer days, homeowners and fence contractors are encouraged to focus on gate safety and maintenance. We are here to guide you through a thorough checklist to ensure that your gates are both visually appealing and secure. Let's delve into preparing your gates for spring!

1. Check Gate Posts and Hinges

As winter weather may have caused damage, inspect gate posts and hinges for wear or rust. Consider D&D's durable TruClose hinges crafted from high-grade materials for longevity and smooth operation.

2. Assess Gate Alignment

    Improper alignment can lead to safety risks. Opt for D&D's adjustable gate hinges with horizontal, vertical and self-closing tension adjustment. Adjustable hinges allow for precise alignment, especially beneficial for households with children and pets.

    3. Address Rust and Corrosion

      Metal gates are susceptible to rust, compromising their structure. Explore rust-free gate hardware options from D&D Technologies made of top-quality materials resistant to the elements.

      4. Test Gate Latches and Locks

      A gate that doesn’t latch or lock properly is a security risk. D&D’s MagnaLatch® series features magnetic latching technology that ensures a strong, reliable closure. It’s a favorite among families for its child safety feature and among contractors for its ease of installation and reliability. 

      5. Lubricate Moving Parts

        Regularly lubricate hinges and locks to maintain smooth operation after exposure to winter conditions. Discover the many maintenance free D&D hinges and latches constructed with stainless steel components.

        6. Evaluate Gate Strength

          Check the overall strength of your gate by looking out for loose or damaged parts, considering D&D's SureClose hydraulic hinges designed for controlled closing action.

          7. Review Gate Automation Systems

            Assess the functionality of the automated systems integrated seamlessly with D&D's hardware during springtime maintenance checks.

            8. Clean and Treat the Gate Surface

              Enhance appearance while protecting against environmental damage by cleaning metal gates with rust inhibitors or resealing wooden gates as needed.

              9. Inspect Surrounding Fences

              Ensure stability of surrounding fences and confirm there is no damage or weakness while searching for gaps requiring repair during spring maintenance routines.

              10. Conduct Safety Audit

                For households with children or pets, conduct a safety audit ensuring no hazards exist such as sharp edges or gaps they could pass through.

                11. Professional Assessment

                  Seek professional assistance if unsure about any aspect of gate condition as regular assessments can prevent future extensive repairs.

                  12. Educate Family or Clients

                    Promote gate safety practices among family members or clients emphasizing consistent closure practices to enhance overall security measures.

                    Consistent upkeep of your gates is essential for prolonging their lifespan and safeguarding your property. D&D Technologies' cutting-edge gate hardware is crucial in this regard, providing dependable and user-friendly solutions. As we welcome the arrival of spring, let's prioritize gate safety and maintenance to uphold the security of our surroundings.

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