ConcealFit® seen in court

March 09, 2022

ConcealFit® seen in court

SureClose® CONCEALFIT:  a secure, strong, and unobtrusive solution for Burbank Courthouse

County courthouses are busy places. And with the global COVID-19 pandemic stretching into its third year, there remains an exposure risk for court officials as they handle the matters before them. At the Burbank Courthouse, judges and staff looked for a solution to minimise close contact with the general public, reduce the spread of COVID, and to improve general security around the judge’s area.

The result was the installation of a half-wall gate barrier in keeping with the nostalgic look and style of the historic courthouse building. To preserve the minimalist aesthetic of the wood panel walls, it was important that the openings on the gate would not be too obvious, and that the gate would appear to be a seamless part of the surrounding barrier wall.

The challenge was to find the proper hardware for the half-doors. The hardware had to be ADA-compliant to allow for wheelchair access. Double swing barrel hinges were discounted for being too big, noisy, not ADA-compliant. Pivot hinges were eliminated too as the half-doors are 4-5 inches from the floor. The final look would have been bulky and unsightly. 

In the end, D&D Technologies’ SureClose® CONCEALFIT door closer and hinge system was the perfect fit. The concealed closer and hinge provided a flush, clean look that would seamlessly preserve the beauty of the courtroom. Moreover, the durability and strength of closer and hinge easily supports the weight of anyone leaning heavily on the half-doors. 

CONCEALFIT is easily adjustable in three dimensions: horizontal, vertical, as well as in and out. It also features controls for closing speed, latching speed, and backcheck.

Says the team from Burbank Courthouse: “Without the backcheck, we would not have been able to use it. The SureClose® CONCEALFIT door closer and hinge system has worked fabulously, and we will be installing them in all the other 11 courtrooms.”