SureClose® READYFIT 108

SKU# 74001313T

  • Externally Mounted, Hydraulic Self-Closing Hinge-Closer
    • Controlled quiet close
    • Gap variance of Min. ½” to Max. 1⅜” (12-35mm)
    • Multiple mounting options, includes fasteners
    • Safety gate models available
    • Final Snap Close Action - All 108 models
    • Alignment legs give double face-fixing strength
    • Emergency Override feature for safety and longevity
    • Minimum fence post size 2" (50mm)
    • 5 Year Warranty*



  • Hydraulic SureClose® Gate Closers & Hinges are designed to replace conventional, bulky commercial gate hinges and closers. These strong and sturdy hinge-closers provide smooth, bind-free performance. Superb engineering and patented design allow clever concealment of the hydraulics in a remarkably small housing. There is no compromise of quality with these small-footprint SureClose® gate closers and hinges. Each ‘ReadyFit’ model lives up to its name by providing convenient screw slots and holes for sturdy fixing. 25mmx12g self-drilling Tek screws are supplied. The slots allow fine vertical adjustment for speedy gate alignment. Horizontal adjustment is attained by way of a built-in, adjustable locking ring that rotates in or out as required to ensure the gate is level and overall alignment is achieved. It’s remarkably simple for a commercial-style gate closer product. All SureClose® Hinges and Closers are made of high-grade Aluminum. Optional, L-shaped steel mounting brackets can either be welded or fastened to appropriate gate frames and posts.
  • Brand SureClose®
    Product Code 74108313T, 74108315T, 74001313T, 74001315T
    Gate Application Front Gate, Side Gate, Pedestrian Gate, Pet Gate, Playground Gate, Public/Commercial Gate, Security Gate, Privacy Gate
    Gate Type Self-Closing, Non Self-Closing
    Gate Material Aluminum, Steel/Ornamental Iron
    Self-Closing Gate Weight Up to 260lb (120kg)
    Approx Gate Size 4ft W x 6ft H (1.2m x 1.8m)
    Gate Frame/Post Shape Square-to-Square
    Min Post Size 2"+ (50mm)
    Ideal Gate Gap ½”–1⅜” (12-35mm)
    Fixing Method Screw-On, Weld-On
    Color/Finish Black Anodised

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