TruClose® Gate Hinges

TruClose® ROUND Heavy Duty Hinges

  • Self-Closing Hinges for Round Posts

    • Two models available, for variations in post/gate size
    • D&D-patented tension adjustment
    • Self-closes gates up to132lb (60kg)
    • UV stabilized, self-lubricating durability
    • Made from super-strong engineered polymer
    • Internal stainless steel spring and components
    • Tek screw fasteners included
    • Alignment legs & adjustment adapters

  • Fits to diameters: TCHDRND1: Gate frame: 35 & 41mm, Post: 48-51, 60 & 73mm TCHDRND2: Gate frame: 48-51mm, Post: 48-51 & 73mm TCHDRND1: Gate frame: 1⅜” & 1⅝”, Post: 1⅞”-2”, 2⅜” & 2⅞” TCHDRND2: Gate frame: 1⅞”-2”, Post: 1⅞”-2” & 2⅞” TruClose® Safety Gate Hinges are the world's most trusted child safety gate hinges. These polymer hinges were devised to overcome all the problems associated with conventional gate hinges – rust, binding, sagging and staining. The TruClose ROUND hinges are designed for round-posted heavy or high-traffic gates weighing up to 60kg. The engineering-grade polymers and a stainless-steel closing spring deliver hinges designed to last a lifetime. Due to a high degree of safety and reliability, TruClose hinges are ideal for child safety gates around swimming pools*, childcare centers, schools, homes, playgrounds and hotels/resorts. TruClose hinges are quick and easy to install and to adjust for self-closing speed. D&D has sold millions of these award-winning TruClose® Safety Gate Hinges worldwide. * When installing TruClose® hinges to a swimming pool gate always confirm any safety requirements with your local Council or safety authorities to ensure compliance.
  • Brand TruClose®
    Product Code TCHDRND1-MK2, TCHDRND2-MK2
    Gate Application Front Gate, Side Gate, Pedestrian Gate, Pet Gate, Playground Gate, Public/Commercial Gate, Security Gate, Privacy Gate
    Gate Type Self-Closing
    Gate Material Chain Link
    Self-Closing Gate Weight Up to 132lb (60kg)
    Approx Gate Size 4ft W x 6ft H (1.2m x 1.8m)
    Gate Frame/Post Shape Round-to-Round
    Min Post Size Round
    Ideal Gate Gap 1" (25mm)
    Fixing Method Screw-On
    Color/Finish Black
    Round Post Diameter TCHDRND1: Gate frame: 1⅜” & 1⅝”, Post: 1⅞”, 2⅜” & 2⅞”, TCHDRND2: Gate frame: 1⅞, Post: 1⅞ & 2⅞”

Gate Frame & Post Diameter

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